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1923: Heated Yellowstone Fans Label It As The Worst Series In The Franchise

“1923” explores the trials and tribulations of the Dutton family in the turbulent era of the 1920s when several hardships hit those living in the American West hard. Just like “Yellowstone’s” portrayal of contemporary issues and “1883’s” journey through the old American West, Jacob and Cara Dutton’s plight is no different. Redditor u/Wavenstein1 stated, “I’m late here but I agree. The side story with the nuns is bordering on torture porn too. Where is this show going and what points is trying to make?”

The tone of the program was also brought into question, with u/Mertreeaz talking about the nihilistic nature of the show in its non-stop depiction of recurring brutality, despair, and a hopeless atmosphere that hovers around the actions of the characters. u/Valmont 77 described the sequel to “1883” as being similar to a soap opera with episodes that go nowhere along with repellent characters.

Amongst the critiques, Redditor u/Einherjaren97 was not as heavily critical. They commented, “Got some good parts (the ranch/harrison ford scenes), Africa [scenes] are ok, but the school scenes are really meh and over the top.” For the most part, all of the replies throughout the subreddit highlighted the negative attributes of the show that took away from what viewers enjoyed about “Yellowstone” and “1883.”

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