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11 Best Directorial Debuts By Actors Turned Directors

Since the late 1930s, “A Star Is Born” has been retold every few decades, updating this iconic musical romance for the times. The latest remake, released in 2018, was directed by Bradley Cooper, who put his own unique spin on the Hollywood classic, this time starring opposite Lady Gaga. Cooper’s work as the alcoholic country rockstar Jackson Maine, performing his own impressive vocals, was a performance for the ages, only rivaled by that of Lady Gaga. With a killer soundtrack and imposing visuals, this was a triumphant debut for Cooper.

The film’s soundtrack was quickly certified double platinum, selling over six million copies, according to Billboard, while the film itself was nominated for eight Academy Awards, winning the Oscar for best original song in the process. “Shallow,” which is performed by Cooper and Gaga, became an immediate hit with audiences. For Cooper’s first time in the director’s chair, he crafted a compelling and challenging rendition of this timeless tale that sticks the tragic ending.

As Cooper’s only directorial feature to date, “A Star Is Born” is a great launching point for his future filmmaking career. His next feature, the 2023 Netflix film “Maestro,” is a biopic about Leonard Bernstein, played by Cooper himself, which will highlight the musician’s romance with Felicia Montealegre, played by Carey Mulligan. Needless to say, after his 2018 debut, we’re excited for whatever Cooper does next.

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